Monthly #TBR | August 2016

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So last month I crossed off five of the fourteen books from my #tbr, and also read five more that weren’t on there at all! I like how I’ve been doing it the last couple months. I read enough of my #tbr that I feel like I accomplished something, but I also left some things up to chance. Hopefully I will continue to follow a similar pattern.

Okay, with all that done, let’s get to the exciting part: August’s TBR!


  1. The Gilded Cage by Lucinda Gray
  2. Velvet Undercover by Teri Brown
  3. Heir to the Sky by Amanda Sun
  4. The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood
  5. Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee
  6. With Malice by Eileen Cook
  7. The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian
  8. The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry
  9. Down With The Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn
  10. The Lifeboat Clique by Kathy Parks


  1. Glitter by Aprilynne Pike
  2. How to Disappear by Ann Redisch Stampler
  3. Iron Cast by Destiny Soria
  4. Hundred Percent by Karen Romano Young
  5. Nice Girls Endure by Chris Struyk-Bonn
  6. Kids of Appetite by David Arnold
  7. Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven
  8. The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman by Bradi Stephanie
  9. Voyage to the Magical North by Claire Fayers


Oof. That’s a lot of books. Right now I’m working on reviews for Dissonance (I think I’m just doing one for the whole series) and My Lady Jane and reading Glitter (which is totally awesome so far!) I know I probably won’t get through all of them, but it’s nice to have a list to work from. Did you make a #tbr post for this month? Be sure to link up in the comments!


Well Wishes & Candy Fishes,

Kait 🙂

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