Kait Reviews: Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here by Anna Breslaw

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Kait Reviews: Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here by Anna BreslawScarlett Epstein Hates It Here by Anna Breslaw
Published by Razorbill on April 19th 2016
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 288
Reading Challenges: 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge

Meet Scarlett Epstein, BNF (Big Name Fan) in her online community of fanfiction writers, world-class nobody at Melville High. Her best (read: only) IRL friends are Avery, a painfully shy and annoyingly attractive bookworm, and Ruth, her weed-smoking, possibly insane seventy-three-year-old neighbor.
When Scarlett’s beloved TV show is canceled and her longtime crush, Gideon, is sucked out of her orbit and into the dark and distant world of Populars, Scarlett turns to the fanfic message boards for comfort. This time, though, her subjects aren’t the swoon-worthy stars of her fave series—they’re the real-life kids from her high school. And if they ever find out what Scarlett truly thinks about them, she’ll be thrust into a situation far more dramatic than anything she’s ever seen on TV…

Rating: 3 stars

Why I Read It: The description sounded so good, and whoever billed it as “Veronica Mars [crossed] with MTV’s Daria” is a genius, because that’s definitely when I decided I needed to read it.


*Note: This review has been sitting in my drafts folder for months. I apologize if everything is not completely accurate or if letting the book sit with me has changed my review a bit too much.

I originally read the first 5 chapters of this through NetGalley, and my excitement over getting to read even part of it early was so strong that I read it all in one sitting.

And I was pretty disappointed.

You see, the end of chapter five leaves you on a cliff hanger. But it wasn’t one that made me want to keep reading, at least not right away. It reminded me of the time in junior high when I tried to read the Cirque du Freak books (despite not actually being interested in the plot at all), and one day I just stopped reading. Which probably wouldn’t have stuck with me as much if the protagonist hadn’t been racing down a river, (seemingly) about to die. But I just wasn’t interested. And that’s pretty much how I felt after reading the excerpt from NetGalley.

Luckily, I had already pre-ordered the book from Amazon, and when it showed up on my Kindle one lovely Tuesday, I decided to read the whole thing. And I’m glad I did. Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here is a good book. I’ll readily admit that it wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. But that’s on me, isn’t it? Or, okay, possibly whoever billed it as Veronica Mars meets Daria, but that’s still one person’s opinion.

My favorite part of this book wasn’t the fandom aspect, as I thought it would be, but rather Scarlett’s AU where robots and people live (kind of) together. Maybe it’s because I tend to prefer Science Fiction over Realistic Fiction, but … actually, yeah. That’s it. That’s definitely it. I liked that better because you got to see Scarlett as she saw herself, which was… notably different from the way she was in her real life. I liked her better in the AU, and I think she liked herself better there, too.

So… Hogwarts Sorting! I’m just going to sort Scarlett for now, but if I ever come back and edit this, I’ll add in some others as well.

I would sort Scarlett Epstein as a Slytherin Primary, Ravenclaw Secondary. The way she sees the world, her why is based on her connections to specific people- her mom, Avery, Gideon, and Ruth. She sees the people she cares about as individuals, in contrast to those people that she doesn’t know or like that much, who she sees as one group, identical and unworthy. Scarlett’s how, her secondary, is more analytical. She takes her life and breaks it down, then builds it back up into a completely different story. But it’s the same story, too. Because it’s her story.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say for now.

Well Wishes & Candy Fishes,



Rating Report
Overall: three-half-stars

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  1. Cool! I have been debating over reading this one for a while because I’ve seen both positive and negative reviews. I’ve decided to try it! Thanks 🙂

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