Kait Reviews: The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn Nguyen

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Kait Reviews: The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn NguyenThe Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn P. Nguyen
Published by MacMillan, Swoon Reads on June 7th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, YA
Pages: 337
Format: Kindle
Source: Amazon
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Taylor Simmons is screwed.
Things were hard enough when her single-minded dedication to her studies earned her the reputation of being an Ice Queen, but after getting drunk at a party and waking up next to bad boy surfer Evan McKinley, the entire school seems intent on tearing Taylor down with mockery and gossip.
Desperate to salvage her reputation, Taylor persuades Evan to pretend they’re in a serious romantic relationship. After all, it’s better to be the girl who tames the wild surfer than just another notch on his surfboard.

Rating: 2.5 Stars

New review set up! I don’t know if I’ll use it for everything, but for today here it goes!

Initial Excitement

I was excited to read it because it took a trope/real life issue and twisted it on its head. I’m always eager to read things that flip what you’re expecting to happen, so I decided to give this a try!

All the Feels

Because this is a contemporary romance, there were lots of feels! As I was reading it I really enjoyed the chemistry between the characters, but now that it’s been a few months, I’m feeling kind of meh about it.

So What’s the Problem?

As I was reading, I didn’t really love it, but I also didn’t have anything to complain about. Now that’s it’s been a little while, I guess my biggest problem would be that I don’t really remember it. Like, at all. Which is not a good sign.

Favorite Part

Everything about this book was good. I really loved the main character, Taylor. She was dealing with a tough situation, and her choices felt both realistic and entertaining.

Least Favorite Part

I guess the weird love triangle thing? I don’t know, I just really, really don’t like love triangles. And this one was weird.

Thoughts in a GIF

Judging a Book by its Cover

The cover is fantastic, and is probably like 40% why I bought the book.

Genre Love

Contemporaries are usually pretty hit or miss for me. In Way to Game, I enjoyed most everything while I was reading it, but it was more miss than hit. At no point did I love it, although I did like it a lot more while I was reading it than after.

Discussion prompt

How do you feel about contemporaries? Do you love them? Hate them? Are you like me and they’re just totally hit or miss?


Well Wishes & Candy Fishes,

Kait 🙂

Rating Report
Overall: two-half-stars

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