Kait Reviews: Dreamland Burning by Jennifer Latham

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Kait Reviews: Dreamland Burning by Jennifer LathamDreamland Burning by Jennifer Latham
on February 21st 2017
Genres: Historical Fiction, YA
Pages: 365
Format: Paperback, ARC
Source: Direct from Publisher
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Some bodies won’t stay buried. Some stories need to be told.
When seventeen-year-old Rowan Chase finds a skeleton on her family’s property, she has no idea that investigating the brutal century-old murder will lead to a summer of painful discoveries about the past, the present, and herself.
One hundred years earlier, a single violent encounter propels seventeen-year-old Will Tillman into a racial firestorm. In a country rife with violence against blacks and a hometown segregated by Jim Crow, Will must make hard choices on a painful journey towards self discovery and face his inner demons in order to do what’s right the night Tulsa burns.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

This review is text heavy because it’s the same review I sent to the publisher. Enjoy!

#tobequitehonest: I’m having a hard time trying Dreamland Burning against it’s own merits because last night I finished re-reading my favorite book, and that’s coloring all of my feelings and opinions about every other book. But I’m going to try! Because Dreamland Burning is a good book. A great book, in fact. And, dare I say it, an important book.


As someone who dreads reading tension building books (aka all of them), Dreamland Burning didn’t seem like it would be a good fit from me. I wanted it to be, though- historical fiction is my favorite, and honestly it’s how I learned much of what I know about history. So I was equal parts surprised and delighted when I picked it up and loved it. I kept reading, and reading, and then one day I just… stopped. For almost a week, I would stare at the book without picking it up. I knew that everything was coming- all the tension and everything that I wanted to avoid (aka #thefeels).


Then it snowed. And work was closed. And I had a whole day of nothing but reading ahead of me. So I finished Dreamland Burning, and I am so glad I did because there was a major plot twist! Even though there were still lots of tension building and anxiety inducing moments in reading the second half of the book, some of the revelations made me feel better about what was going on. Or not really better about what was going on, but glad that there was still hope, that there was still kindness, that there was still (some. a tiny bit. not anywhere near enough.) justice.


I’m not sure what else to say without giving spoilers, so I’ll end my review on this note: Read Dreamland Burning. Read every book you can about all of the events people tried to forget and erase from history. Learn from them. And go out and do something so that nothing like this happens again.


Well Wishes & Candy Fishes,


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Overall: four-half-stars

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