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I haven’t been blogging much recently, but I have been reading!

I know that doesn’t make up for the lack of posts, but hopefully it means there will be a lot more to come in the near future! In the meantime, this will be my post for all the Pre-Readathon Updates for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, which is happening THIS Saturday (aka one day before my birthday)!!!

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This is from the discussion on Goodreads. I’m still missing 3/24. 

  1. a pet | Undead Girl Gang
  2. illustrations | Bygone Badass Broads: 52 Forgotten Women Who Changed the World
  3. snow | The Lost Hero
  4. rain | See How They Run
  5. kissing scene | See How They Run
  6. summer setting | See How They Run
  7. highschool/boarding school setting | Undead Girl Gang
  8. setting set in a different country/world | All Fall Down
  9. magic | Undead Girl Gang
  10. mixed media (texts, emails, videos) |
  11. love triangle | The Last Olympian
  12. “the chosen one” trope | The Last Olympian
  13. assassins | Take the Key and Lock Her Up
  14. a different language spoken | Take the Key and Lock Her Up
  15. a book about history | Cleopatra: A Life
  16. a book with fairy tales |
  17. fictional race (elves, dragons) | The Last Olympian
  18. video games |
  19. a sword fight | The Last Olympian
  20. a character travels by ship, plane, or train | Royals
  21. unusual character names | Undead Girl Gang
  22. a book over 100 pages | Take the Key and Lock Her Up
  23. a book written in the last 11 years (thats how long Dewey’s readathon has been) | Take the Key and Lock Her Up
  24. a book with blue on the cover. | Take the Key and Lock Her Up


I’m hosting one of the mini-challenges for this readathon!!! I’m so excited for it you guys! There will be more information on this posted FRIDAY, APRIL 27. It’s going to be amazing!!

I’ll keep updating this with anything that I participate in this week, and start a new post on Saturday!

well wishes candy fishes kait

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